• 2023, 2024 NOAA Hollings Scholarship Program mentor


Current/past education efforts as a postdoc and research scientist: MIT EAPS graduate student mentoring, NOAA Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program advising, and UW Student Seaglider Center advising.

During my time at UW I ran experiments and demonstations in our Geophysical Fluid Dynamics laboratory. In this lab, we ran fluid dynamics experiments designed to highlight specific processes including: surface gravity waves, internal gravity waves, Rossby waves, light refraction, geostrophic adjustment, eddy formation, ekman layers, and thermal wind. These experiments provide physical meaning to equations, relationships, and derivations discussed in the classroom. I’m extrememly grateful for the mentorship of Peter Rhines and his help in learning how to be an effective teacher in the GFD lab.

teaching experience (TA):

  • AMATH 505 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Winter 2015-2016, Graduate level introdution to fluid motion.

  • OCN 286 Physics Across Oceanography: Fluid Mechanics and Waves Fall 2017, Undergraduate course for oceanography majors introducing fluid dynamics and waves with a weekly hands-on lab.

  • ATM 509 Geophysical Fluid Dyanmics: I Winter 2018-2019, 2019-2020 Graduate level course deriving equations of motion on a rotating sphere.